Slimming World

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At the end of an intensive two and a half year project to research, design and manufacture a bespoke tablet and laptop combination that was fully integrated with the Slimming World brand, we agreed terms and the deal was signed. The innovative tablets, sourced and developed by us, further improve service to Slimming World’s 700,000 weekly members by enabling Consultants to access weight loss information during group meetings, for a faster, more personal service. The tabletsare used by Consultants in all of Slimming World’s 12,000 weekly group support sessions, in local communities across the UK and Ireland.

The order followed four years of successful working partnership between AAG and Slimming World which saw us deliver an order of 2,000 HP tablets to Slimming World in 2014.

The 5,000 custom-built 10” tablets are equipped with 4GB RAM, 64GB hard drive and 4G capability as well as some unique Slimming World functionality. They are entirely comparable with those from mainstream brands, built to the same Intel reference design, but are exclusively branded as Slimming World devices.

The process of developing the tablets involved identifying and testing many different hardware options, visits to the manufacturing plant and extensive due diligence exercises. We are confident that the tablets will ensure that the Slimming World franchisees and members have the very best hardware.

“We are delighted to have worked with AAG IT Services to develop this bespoke tablet. Like all of our techno- logical developments, this investment has been made with one aim; to further improve the service we give to our much-valued members. This latest innovation will enable Consultants to provide even more personalised effective support to members. It keeps us at the very leading edge of weight management and will enable us to support even more people in the UK and Ireland to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off for the long-term.”